Doctorate Degrees – Religious

How do I earn a religious doctorate (Ph.d.)?

We give you credit for your life experience and we give credit for current spiritual work. We add supplemental courses as needed from both internal and online sources. The Walter Theological Seminary offers you a Doctorate degree in Divinity or Theology. These degrees empower you to immediately build upon and, expand your spiritual knowledge. The religious degree will allow you to  be able to provide religious counseling and to teach others.

How will I be addressed when I complete my degree?

You will be able to legally attach Dr. to your name, and provide pastoral counseling or spiritual healing as part of your practice of ministry, with this respected degree. Like other doctoral programs of study, you decide upon your specialty, based on your religious or spiritual preference and calling.

When you receive your degree, you gain respect in the field, but most importantly, you inspire confidence in your constituents who follow you seeking spiritual guidance and fulfillment. We provide you with transcripts documenting your past educational work, life experience credits and credit for online course work completed.

Available Doctorate Degrees:

Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Theology
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Sacred Music

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