Please take a moment to complete the following confidential application for Moore University. This begins the process on your journey to obtaining your terminal degree. Please complete in one session, as we do not save the information until it is submitted. You will be required to complete the tuition payment. Once accepted you will receive a student login and password to complete the requirements of the course, at your own pace.


1. Complete essay on spiritual journey (usually 1 page)

2. Complete Thesis on a religious topic of your choice (usually 5 to 10 pages). Should include suggested reading of 3 books, available from our online bookstore.

3. Submit transcripts from any other institutions of higher learning, or certificate programs.

4. Complete Career and Life Experience Assessment to earn additional credit.

5. Obtain final transcript, and graduate.

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The following questions are somewhat optional, but we encourage you to answer them because they help us build a picture of you and the special person you are. We can better help you navigate this spiritual academic program if we have a clear understanding of your spiritual background and goals. This helps us determine your life experience credit.

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