Legality and legitimacy of our religious degrees

Origin of the religious Ph.D.

The Doctor of Philosophy  (Ph.d) originally was a religious degree and still can be obtained in its original form only in seminaries and religious universities around the world. The Walter Theological Seminary, the religious academic institution of Moore University is part of that unbroken heritage of religious schools, and is one of the few places you can get the original religious Ph.D. (See the History of the PhD if you are interested in the historical evolution of the Ph.D. from religious degree to academic degree).

We offer our degrees in an online format to provide access to the world of information available. Our online degree allows you to complete the requirements at your own pace.

About Moore University

About Moore University

Moore University (managed by MEG is a Georgia non profit institution of higher learning) is an online platform currently focused on religous degrees based in Georgia and Washington, D.C. . Moore University’s mission is to provide academic enrichment to students desiring to enhance their skills to fulfill their purpose. We utilize all internal and external online resources to provide a robust quality low cost educational experience.

Within our Walter Theological Seminary our Doctoral Degrees are conferred only to ordained ministers, so if not already an ordained minister, you must apply for ordination from us at the same time. Ordination tuition is completely waived – and is offered at no cost to you – because you are pursuing the PhD doctorate degree at the same time. This gives you the option to be able to write your name in one of three ways such as: Dr. Desiree Anderson,  Rev. Dr. Desiree Anderson or Rev. Desiree Anderson, Ph.D.

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